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Welcome to the 1000 Badges Wiki. This wiki is created to exchange tips/tricks and other info for people of the 1000 Badges club.


The 1000 Badges Club

Microsoft has it's own online gaming platform called Besides just playing and enjoying the games there, it is possible to win so called badges for a selected subset of the games available. The 1000 Badges Club is all about winning those badges.


It all started long, long ago (well.. maybe not that long) in september 2006 by a message posted by Jashon in one of the forums on the same site. People responded to the thread and soon it became an interesting thread to watch with discussions, tips and a badges ranking list. The thread was awarded with the community and editoral pick and become one of the most popular threads. The thread still exists and is probably the longest thread on the board. Even some of the members of 2006 still post there once in a while. The subjects vary wildly, though the focus remains on winning badges. Occasionally we had a troll posting on the forum, trying to make the club look ridiculous, but never succeeded. The people stayed friendly, encouraging and helping everyone to win badges. Some tools were created (like the Album analyzer and this Wiki) to make some things go more structured and help the newcomers find their way more quickly.

New Interface

Main article: Zone 2009

On the 1st of April in 2009 The MSN Team introduced a new version of the badge album interface. This made it impossible to use it with the analyzer. They left the Canadian version Sympatico untouched, and most of the 1000BC members switched to this site. Over time, even Sympatico was converted to the new interface. Although the Feedback on the new interface wasn't really that positive, MSN hasn't reverted it or used any of the suggestions. There were also members who just left entirely out of frustration.

After changing the Sympatico site, there was no way to use the Analyzer. However, MSN introduced the old badge album page, which is currently unsupported but works with the Analyzer.

How do I join? What are the requirements?

Joining the 1000 Badge Club is a cinch. We are not exclusive. If you read or post to the thread then you may consider yourself a member. Invite your friends. The only requirement is a desire to obtain badges from the MSN games web site. You don’t need 1000 badges to join, just the desire for them. If you are here, we assume you know what badges are.

Why should I join?

First, it’s fun and it's free. We freely trade tips, tricks, and cheats on obtaining badges. We cheer each other toward our next milestones, particularly the coveted 1000th badge. There are many other benefits for badge hounds. If you don’t see what you are looking for, just post your question in the 1000 Badges thread.

Once I've joined, can I get out?

If for some reason you lose interest, you just stop posting/reading the thread. We will not hunt you down. It is sad to see someone leave, but unfortunately it happens.

Is it safe?

We’ve had some creepy people on the thread and they have successfully stolen identities on at least a couple of occasions. The take home message here is to never provide your password once you’ve signed into MSN games in the usual way. If you see a pop-up dialogue box asking for your password or other personal information, just ignore it. Do not share anything on the forum that you would not want broadcasted on the radio or would not tell your mother. These are the same precautions that should be observed on any open, unmoderated forum.

What are those badges?

The Badges score system only applies to a selected subset of the games available there. Once in a while a new game is added to the list and the 1000 Badges thread becomes very active with discussing the new game, exchanging tips and discoveries. For each game you can win several types of badges.

You can find tips for earning badges on individual game pages, or the generic tips page.


There are two tools created for this club. One of them is the wiki at which you are currently looking. The other is the Album analyzer. Both tools are created and maintained by members of the club. Do not ask Microsoft about these tools!

The following page lists changes to the badge scores: [1].


For a list of all pages, click here.

You might also want to check out the list of active games.

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